Build Your Own


Bacon or Sausage

Bacon 20
Cumberland sausage 25

Toast or Mash or Pancakes

Pancakes topped with ice cream 69
Pineapple pancake 69
2 pcs Banana Pancake 89

Mixed Fruits

Banana 69
Mixed Berry 69
Mango 69
Watermelon 69
Muesli with banana 75
Banana Yogurt 59

Sunny-side up, Scrambled, or Boiled

Scrembled (hard or soft scrambled) 15
Boiled (hard boiled or soft boiled) 15
Sunny-side- up (Over easy, medium, or hard) 15


Ham and cheese omelette 99
Bacon omelette 99
Cheese and onion omelette 99



Baked beans 25
Peas and or carrots 25
Toast 15
Chips 15
Mushroom 20
Hashbrowns 15
Tomatoes 10
Black Pudding 20
Cornflakes 59
Cip Butty 59

Breakfast Menu

Malee Breakfast with coffee or tea 79

German Breakfast with coffee or tea or orange juice 169

Scrambled egg on toasts with coffee or tea 69

Baked beans with poached eggs and toasts with coffee or tea 89

Farmer Omelette with 2 toasts and coffee or tea 129

2 Boied eggs & Toast with coffee or tea 70

Small Breakfast (1 sausage, bacon, and champignons) 99

Ham and eggs 99

Chicken mustard steak chips salad 99

100 gr filet steak, 2 fried eggs, baked potato, salad 190

Chili con carne with chips 119

Fish and chips with mushy peas tartar sauce 99

Sausage and beans with eggs and toast 99

Bacon beans chips 99

Ham and eggs with chips 115

Pancakes with bacon and eggs 99

Bacon and egg uitsmijter 129

Our Restaurant Menu

Enjoy international dishes as well as European & Thai food

Chef's Special

Chicken curry w/rice 99 or w/chips 119

Boerenkool met spekjes en worst 169

Pork onion steak mash 99

Chicken & mushroom peas carrot 179

Schnitzel with potato salad 99

Liver mash onion with gravy 99

Pork onion steak with mash and peas 99

Burgers & Pasta

Bacon cheeseburger 59

Bacon and egg cheeseburger 59

Cheeseburger 50

Egg Burger 49

Spaghetti carbonara with bacon 129

Spaghetti with meat balls 139

Spaghetti Bolognese 129

Seafood pasta 139

Macaroni chicken or pork 89

Macaroni shrimp 99

Spaghetti with prawns and vegetables 110

Freshly made Sandwiches

Bacon and egg sandwich 55

Tuna Sandwich 69

Cumberland sausage sandwich 79

Cheese sandwich 45

Bacon sandwich 49

Toasted Sandwiches (Choice of Fillings)

Toasties with baked beans 69

Toasties Cheese 59

Toasties Cheese with ham 70

Toasties Cheese and onion tomatoes 69

Toasties Ham 59

Cip Butty 59

Sausage Rolls (Pies and Pastries)

Beef & onion pie chips or mash peas carrot 179

Steak pie with mash or chips with peas carrots 179

Steak and kidney pie with mash or chips with peas carrots 179

Soup & Salad

Asparagus soup 99

Bean soup bruinebonen 89

Cream Brocoli Soup 89

Goulash Soup 89

Groentesoep 79

Onion soup 89

Jack Potatoes

Jack Potato cheese bacon 119

Jack Potato Tuna with mayo 99

Jack Potato with beans and cheese 99

Daily Roasts

Roast beef 139

Chicken 99

Roast Pork 119

Lamb 169

Duck 129


Oxtail soup 149

Pea soup 89

Chicken soup with leek and potatoes 99

Tomato soup 89

Egg Salad 75

Tuna Salad 119

Shrimp Salad 130

Cream chicken soup 69

Cream of tomato soup 69

Stamppot (Oer-Hollands Stampen!)

Zuurkool met worst en spekjes 169

Stoofvlees met friet en boontjes 169

Rode bieten stampot met bal of speklapje 169

Hutspot met varkensstoofvlees 169

Andijvie stampot met spekjes en bal 169

Stampot Spinazie 169

Boerenkool met spekjes en worst 169

Dutch Menu

broodje fricandel special 99
babi pangang met rijst / met bami 190/229
bami rames 239
broodjebal met atjar en pindasaus 110
bitter ballen 99
broodje achterham 79
broodje ei 55
broodje filet american 99
broodjebal.met atjar en pindasaus 110
broodje gezond 89
broodje gezond 89
broodje kroket 99
broodje warm vlees met pindasaus 89
broodje rosbief 89
broodje eiersalade 70

Hollandse Pot

kip met friet en appenmoes 139
kip sate met brood / varkens sate 120/149
kroket met friet 99

Dutch-Indonesian Menu

Loempia schotel 159
Nasi Rames met Rendang 239
Bami Goreng /Bami Special 119/159
Nasi Goreng /Goreng Special 119/159
Nasi Rames met rendang 239

Thai Food Menu


Noodle Soup w/ Meat Balls or Fish Balls 59
Noodle Soup w/ Chicken or Shrimp 59/65
Noodle Soup w/ Stewed Beef 69
Stewed Beef w/ Vegetable Soup 85
Fried Crispy Egg Noodle (Gravy on top) w/ Chicken, Pork, or Shrimp 65/75
Fried Noodle w/ Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp or Seafood 65/75/79
Fried Noodle w/ Combination Seafood 79
Sukiyaki w/ Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp or Seafood 69/79
Pad Thai (Thai Fried Noodle) w/ Chicken, Pork, or Shrimp 69/79

Fast Dish

American Fried Rice 80
Fried Rice w/ Chicken, Pork, Beef, or Shrimp or Seafood
60 /60 /65
Fried Rice w/ Minced Pork Salad 50
Fried Rice w/ Crab Meat 65
Steamed Chicken (Chinese Style) served w/ Rice 45
Omelette Minced Pork served w/ Rice 45
Swee and Sour w/ Chicken, Pork, or Shrimp served w/ Rice 50
Fried Pork or Chicken served w/ Rice 50
Fried Chicken, Pork, Beef or Shrimp w/ Chili & Basil served w/ Rice 50 / 60
Fried Chicken, Pork, Beef or Shrimp w/ Chili Sauce served w/ Rice 50 / 60
Fried Chicken, Pork, Squid or Shrimp w/ Garlic Pepper served w/ Rice 55 / 65
Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts 99
Fried Rice with egg, pork, chicken 69
Fried Rice with egg with prawns 99
Thai Style Omelette stuffed with minced pork 69
Spring rolls pork/prawns 99/129
Pad Thai Fried Noodles with chicken 69/85
Boiled Rice with pork or chicken 59

Thai Spicy Salad

Spicy Minced Pork Salad 70
Spicy Sausage or Ham Salad 80
Spicy Grilled Beef or Meat Ball Salad 80
Spicy Pork or Chicken in Northern Thai Style 80
Spicy Squid Salad 85
Spicy Glass Noodle w/ Pork and Shrimp 90
Spicy Prawn Salad 95
Spicy Seafood Salad 100

Thai & Chinese Soup

Spicy Vegetable Soup w/ Beef, Pork or Shrimp 85/99
Chinese Soup w/ Vegetables & Pork 89
Tom Kha (Chicken or Shrimp Spicy Soup w/ Lemon Coconut Milk) 89
Beef or Chicken Green or Red Curry (Thai Style) 90
Beef or Chicken Green or Red Curry (Indian Style) 90
Spicy Soup w/ Shrimp and Mixed Vegetable 90
Tom Yum Kung (Thai Shrimp Soup w/ Lemon) 109


Tom Kai Spicy Chicken Prawn Soup with coconut milk 75/109

Fish Menu

Fried Sea Bass 275
Additional Spicy Sauce / Sweet & Sour Sauce Steamed Spicy Sauce 40
Fried Snapper 230
Additional Spicy Sauce / Sweet & Sour Sauce Steamed Spicy Sauce


Fried Sausage 60
Fried Cashew Nuts 60
Fried Meant, Pork or Fish Balls 70
Fried Beef or Pork 80
Fried Canapes w/ Pork or Shrimp Spread 80/95
Chinese Spring Rolls 85
Fried Thai Styles Sausage 90
Deep Fried Shrimp or Squid 110

Asian Breakfast

Boiled Rice w/ Pork or Chicken 45
Boiled Rice w/ Shrimp 60
Boiled Rice w/ Fish 70

Western Menu

Scrambled eggs w/ Ham Bacon Sausage served w/ Coffee or Tea and Toast with Butter and Jam 75
Two Fried Eggs or Two Boiled w/ Ham Bacon Sausage served w/ Coffee or Tea and Toast with Butter and Jam 79


Traditional apple, cherry, or blueberry pie with custard & ice cream 110
Maleepattaya3 banana split 89
ice cream. Choose from chocolate, strawberry, vanilla 49